Make up to $1500 on Saturdays
Become a Matched Bettor Pro in less than 3.5 hours
Matched Bettor Pro is for anyone who wants to start a side hustle and hate wasting time getting little to no results.
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""I've put in on average 7-8 hours a week and easily made $1000-$1500."
- Danny N.
"I deposited the extra profits in my savings account for my kids. I felt a little nervous at the start but the system was easy to learn."
"Hell yeah! In 1 year I made almost as much as my salary spending 5hrs per Saturday. With the profits I reinvested in stocks and eating takeout every week without feeling guilty"
- Viet P.

What's Included In Matched Bettor Pro


What You'll Learn In This Course

The Fundamentals

▶️Probability - How we dominate by using Maths and Probability to always win long term.

▶️Industry & Stats - Outsmarting the Aussie Betting Boom. New Bookies opening every month meaning more avenues to make money.

▶️Promos - More offers means more potential ways to make money.

▶️Gubbings - The unavoidable ending of your Bonus Bets and strategies to still make money after that.


▶️House Keeping 101 - Using our experience and knowledge on how to not mess up from day 1.

▶️Installing & Setup - New to Programs and Google sheets? We show you how to use these programs.

▶️The power of the right softwares - We don't waste time, we found & tested the best tools.

▶️ Bookies & Betting - Learn the basics of betting, how bookies operate and the landscape.


▶️ Betfair - The game within the game. Learn how it works, how to use it and yield its powers
▶️ The Game of Promos (Racing) - Run through on the types of offers that have value and which ones don't.

▶️ The Game of Promos (Sports) - We break down how sports make you an extra 5-35% in profits.

▶️ Making Money on Racing - Numbers and scenarios to make bonus bets.

▶️ Making Money on Sport - Set and forget, why you don't need to watch the game and just collect.
▶️ Making Money on Multiple Sport Outcomes - Play on all sides of the game and collect multiple streams of profit.

▶️ Turn Bonus into PROFIT - The maths on getting guaranteed returns.

▶️ Account Sustainability - Using our industry experience on ways to keep your accounts & maximizing.

▶️ Profit Tracking - Watch your profits grow and keep track on your progress.

▶️ Running Programs - Set up and getting familiar with the features so we don't do the Maths.

▶️ Further Support Channels - Find the right place to get help and improve from others feedback.


▶️ The Process To Secure Profit & Bonuses - Step by Step Guide on how to lock in profit & certain offers to take and avoid.

▶️ 3 LIVE EXAMPLES - We turn our own Bonus Bets into guaranteed profit and run you through the process and math. ▶️ The Process to Make Bonus Bets - Step by Step guide to make bonus bets from the program.
▶️ 3 LIVE EXAMPLES - We use our own money and show you how to make money with the numbers. ▶️ Saturday Setup - How to set up your Saturdays and get ready ▶️ Recap & Where to Start - We walk you through the steps to get started and unlock hundreds of dollars in potential profit for your taking.

Limited Time Pre-Launch Bonus

#4. Extra Amazing Bonuses

✔️ Private Community: Get all your questions answered in our private facebook group so you are never second guessing saving you time! ✔️ Customized Course: The course will be built around your specific needs as an early adopter. This is something that folks will not get to experience with the finished course! 


Meet Your Instructor

Hey there, aspiring hustlers! My names Peter and I'm a nobody who just wants to find ways to make an extra side income.
I found Matched Betting in 2019 and found out it was a great way to hang out and make money with my friends. Over the years, some of us went on to work at the bookies including myself. One day i decided to resign so i can teach this course to help as much people as i can.

I look forward to helping you in earning extra cash through Matched Betting Pro. See you soon!

Student Testimonials


Who Is This Course For?

✔️University Students who just want to make extra cash with their mates ✔️Full Timer workers who need an extra stack of cash ​✔️Parents who want to plan ahead for their famalies ✔️​Traders who loves to see winning trades and can measure success ✔️​And so much more!

What Categories Do We Focus On?

✔️Understand making money in a different view, especially when it comes to risk taking ✔️Over %99.5 of gamblers lose and how you will be the winning %0.5
✔️Being simple & consistent because its not hard.

Who Is This Course NOT For?

❌Your aren't willing to follow instructions and prefer to figure things out on your own with trial and error. ❌You do not need to make more money because you are doing well in life and have retired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it gambling?

Matched Betting when done correctly is not gambling as you are covering both sides of the outcome and expecting Bonus Bets.
This strategy is backed by Maths & Probability.

Can't you learn all of this on Youtube?

We found out that most videos on Youtube are not structured well enough to get you to achieve ongoing success.
We help guide you from start to finish with live examples based on our experience and knowledge from working at the bookies.

What is Tax-Free Profits?

As online betting is a luck/entertainment industry in Australia, this means that any money profited will not be taxed.

How much can i make?

You can make anywhere from $2000 - $40,000 depending on your consistency and effort. Once you're accounts don't recieve promos you won't be able to make more.

What are the requirements to do this program?

You must be over the ages of 18 and reside in Australia. (If you can provide a bank or electricity statement, you are eligible.)
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